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Orchid Spec SPX - Smoke Plume eXtraction

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Orchid Spec SPX - Smoke Plume eXtraction

The Orchid Speculum is a high-quality and robust plastic speculum with single-handed operation and locking, and rounded patient-friendly edges.

The Orchid Spec was tested at the NHS Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory (SMTL) in Wales. It was confirmed as the first ‘unbreakable speculum’ therefore strong enough to fulfill its function with ease.

  • Optimal view and access
  • Smoke plume extraction channel flush with speculum
  • Up to 80% cost reduction
  • Unbreakable plastic



    • Tip width / thickness: 17mm / 13m
    • Optimal length / Maximum length: 80mm / 100mm


    • Tip width / thickness: 24mm / 16mm
    • Optimal length / Maximum length: 90mm / 100mm


    • Tip width / thickness: 33mm / 17mm
    • Optimal length / Maximum length: 90mm / 110mm


    • Tip width / thickness: 33mm / 15mm
    • Optimal length / Maximum length: 110mm / 130mm

    Most doctors prefer a white speculum.

    Research by leading women’s health specialists has demonstrated that white provides specific advantages.
    – White surface design vastly improves visibility of Cervix thanks to light reflection. Clear looses the light.
    – Reduced misdiagnosis. Diagnosing through a ‘clear’ Speculum may provide a limited and distorted view due to local tissue depression and discolouration.
    – Patients perceive white as higher quality, hygienic and friendly.


    Mfr. No. 1.031.13 Standard Speculum. Size Medium. Box of 30.
    Mfr. No. 1.031.14 Standard Speculum. Size Wide. Box of 30.
    Mfr. No. 1.031.15 Standard Speculum. Size Long. Box of 30.
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