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OB-GYN Store

OB-GYN STORE, LLC is a full service, online store representing the finest Obstetrics and Gynecology products supported with traditional and exceptional customer service. For maximum convenience to customers, our easy to use and functional website is fully responsive, allowing orders to be taken with a computer or mobile device. Our one-stop-shop makes ordering easier than traditional channels through multiple vendors and allows us to serve you with focus and efficiency.

The OB-GYN Store is an expansion store for IVF Store, LLC, which has been revolutionizing the IVF Industry since 2018.

Diana Patricia Bernal
Co-Founder and President

As President, Diana Patricia Bernal manages the expansion of products and services, advancing the company’s goal of radically improving product choice and ease of ordering. "Patty" founded Biotech USA in 2008 and along with her husband, Jorge Parra, turned the business and its products into a thriving international success. Patty has experience in every aspect of product design, manufacture, marketing, selling, distribution and clinical use. 
Originally from Colombia, South America, Patty has over 20 years of experience in human and animal IVF procedures. Prior to founding Biotech, Patty started as a professional veterinarian in bovine reproduction and then moved to the human field as a clinical embryologist and research scientist in cryopreservation techniques.
Patty is fluent in both English and Spanish and lives in Atlanta with her husband and their three daughters.

Jorge Parra
Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Jorge Parra started his career as an electronic and aviation engineer before moving into the Biotechnology field. In 2004, he started his first company, Biodiseño Ltda, in Colombia before moving to the USA with his wife Patty. In 2008, Biotech USA was founded and Jorge, in his role of CEO, with his wife Patty propelled the business to international acclaim. As an engineer, Jorge understands the intricacies of many IVF products, and he spends much of his time studying, inventing and working out how things can be improved. He has years of experience in product design, injection molding, and electronics.
Jorge is fluent in both English and Spanish. Originally from Columbia, Jorge lives in Atlanta with his wife and three daughters.

Craig Hoffmann
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Craig Hoffmann brings over 25 years of sales, marketing and operations leadership experience. His "Customer First" approach sets the tone that resonates throughout the organization.  Creating a culture where people want to come to work vs. have to come to work is at the core of what makes a fun, engaging and customer-centric company. 
Originally from New York, Craig now lives in Georgia with his wife and three daughters.

Jill Roberts
Director of Order Fulfillment

Jill Roberts - IVF Store Manager of Customer Service

Jill Roberts has been in the customer service arena for over 15 years and brings her retail management industry knowledge to IVF Store to manage our overall Customer Experience.   

Jill sets the standard for the team in providing extraordinary service for our customers and our vendor partners.    

Estela Cardenas
Director of
Customer Service

With over 25 years of comprehensive customer service experience, Estela is a vital member of the team. Originating from Honduras, her bilingual capabilities in Spanish and English enable seamless interactions with our diverse clientele.

Outside of her professional realm, Estela enjoys traveling with her family, which includes her husband and three children—two daughters and a son.

Becky Flora
Customer Service Specialist

With over 20 years in education and six in customer service, Becky's diverse experience shines. She efficiently manages orders, liaises with customers on product details, and steps in wherever needed. Beyond her role, she cherishes the camaraderie at the store, emphasizing the team’s dedication and shared laughs.

Having called various states home, from VA to NJ, she now resides in Georgia, enjoying tennis in her downtime. Colleague Estela paints a vibrant picture of Becky: "She’s the most positive person I have ever met, a burst of positivity, always lifting our spirits. Working with Becky is a joy!"

Carina Castillo
Manager of Compliance

Carina Castillo - IVF Store Manager of Compliance

Carina has been working in the medical device field for 11 years with expertise in FDA regulations and processes.




IVF Store Headquarters

IVF Store is conveniently headquartered in Alpharetta, just north of Atlanta, Georgia. The 12,000 sq ft location features extensive warehouse space, clean room facilities, staff offices and call-center area. Atlanta is the Southeast’s unrivalled transportation hub, building on nearly two centuries of experience moving people and goods. Today, 80% of the U.S. population is within a two-hour flight, and 80% of US markets are within two ground delivery days.

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