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MedGyn Aspiration Kit

Regular price $229.00

SKU: 022511

MedGyn Aspiration Kit

The MedGyn Disposable Aspiration Kit is an effective and affordable device for diagnostic and therapeutic uterine evacuation and aspiration. Aspiration Kit IV is also available which includes a 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm cannula.


  • Provides simultaneous endometrial curettage and aspiration for comprehensive specimen removal
  • 60cc syringe locking mechanism prevents backflow and promotes consistent strong suction
  • Flexible cannula allows for easy manipulation and sharp slot near the tip allows for better sampling


Mfr. # 022514

Aspiration Kit with 4mm Cannula-Curette (10/Pack)

Mfr. # 022515

Aspiration Kit with 5mm Cannula-Curette (10/Pack)
Mfr. # 022516

Aspiration Kit with 6mm Cannula-Curette (10/Pack)
Mfr. # 022517

Aspiration Kit with 7mm Cannula-Curette (10/Pack)
Mfr. # 022511

Aspiration Kit IV with 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,7mm, Cannula-Curette (10/Pack)




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