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EAGLE Single Lumen Ovum Pickup Needle

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SKU: E-OVM-SL17/35
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EAGLE Single Lumen Ovum Pickup Needle

The ACE Single Lumen Ovum Pickup Needle is used for laparoscopic or ultrasound-guided transvaginal retrieval of oocytes from ovarian follicles.

  • New Sharper Tip for better penetration
  • Highly echogenic tip
  • Silicone bung for a tight fit
  • Non-coring needle
  • With Luer lock connector
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 100 cm aspiration line
  • Mouse embryo assay tested (MEA)
  • Limulus amebocyte lysate tested (LAL)

All products come as Box of 10

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Order No. Description Size cm Gauge Qty. / Box
E-OVM-SL17/35 EAGLE Single Lumen Ovum Pickup Needle 35 17 10
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