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Beaker, Globe Glass, Low Form Griffin Style

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SKU: 8010010
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Beaker, Globe Glass, Low Form Griffin Style

Globe Glass™ beakers are made with uniform wall thickness, flat bottoms, and low expansion 3.3 Borosilicate beaker glass making them a strong and durable choice with excellent resistance to thermal shock.  The lab beakers have beaded rims and formed spouts to facilitate accurate and steady pouring of liquids.  Globe Glass low form Griffin style graduated beakers are available in sizes from 10mL to 4000mL.

  • Meet ASTM E960 Type I Specifications
  • Formed pour spout for easy pouring
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Uniform wall thickness
  • Dual metric scale graduations
  • Durable white enamel printing
  • Large white marking area


Mfr No. 8010010 Beaker, Globe Glass, 10mL, Low Form Griffin Style, ASTM E960, 12/Box
Mfr No. 8010020 Beaker, Globe Glass, 20mL, Low Form Griffin Style, Dual Graduations, ASTM E960, 12/Box
Mfr No. 8010030 Beaker, Globe Glass, 30mL, Low Form Griffin Style, Dual Graduations, ASTM E960, 12/Box
Mfr No. 8010050 Beaker, Globe Glass, 50mL, Low Form Griffin Style, Dual Graduations, ASTM E960, 12/Box
Mfr No. 8010100 Beaker, Globe Glass, 100mL, Low Form Griffin Style, Dual Graduations, ASTM E960, 12/Box
Mfr No. 8010150 Beaker, Globe Glass, 150mL, Low Form Griffin Style, Dual Graduations, ASTM E960, 12/Box
Mfr No. 8010250 Beaker, Globe Glass, 250mL, Low Form Griffin Style, Dual Graduations, ASTM E960, 12/Box
Mfr No. 8010400 Beaker, Globe Glass, 400mL, Low Form Griffin Style, Dual Graduations, ASTM E960, 12/Box 
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