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Bat-1B Level Alarm 9V for MVE Tanks

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SKU: 11905817

Low Level Alarm for Aluminum Dewars

A low level alarm for Aluminum dewars that is designed to alert when the level in the dewar is getting low. The Low Level Alarms include a probe that is inserted through the neck and placed at a user designed level. When the level of the LN2 goes below the probe, the alarm will sound. The Bat 1B alarm uses a 9V battery for power.


  • Weak battery detected by visual and audible alarms (Unit will "beep" and flash red LED intermittently)
  • Signals shorted or disconnected sensor probe (Alarm sounds with either of these conditions)
  • Alarm sensitivity adjustment to suit changing needs
  • Push-button test verifies alarm operation, battery level, and internal circuitry simultaneously
  • Small size for convenience and adaptability
  • Easily velcros around the neck of your unit
  • Level moitoring
  • Battery back-up level monitor
  • Power Requirements: 9V AC (or from level controller)
  • Weight lbs(kg): 0.44 (0.2)
  • Exterior Dimensions Inches (MM):
    • Length: 3.25 (83)
    • Width: 1.5 (38)
    • Height: 4.375 (111)



Mfr. No. 11905817 MVE Low Level Alarm for Aluminum Dewars
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