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Barrier Earloop Face Mask ASTM Level 1 Blue 500/Box

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ASTM Level 1 Barrier Earloop Face Mask ASTM

IVF Store is limiting sales of PPE to two boxes per customer per week and must be delivered to a licensed medical facility. 

Three levels of ASTM barrier protection

ASTM International tests products to improve quality and safety. It defines more than 12,500 international standards across a wide variety of services and industries, including barrier protection standards for medical masks. Here are the three levels of ASTM barrier protection:

Level 1: low barrier protection for general use for low-risk, nonsurgical procedures and exams that do not involve aerosols, sprays and fluids. An ear loop mask is a level 1 mask. ASTM level 1 masks are the general standard for both surgical and procedural use.

Level 2: moderate barrier protection for low-to-moderate levels of aerosols, sprays and fluids.

Level 3: maximum barrier protection for any situation that has the potential for exposure to heavy levels of aerosols, sprays and fluids. Cardinal Health recommends this level as a best practice for supporting OR safety initiatives.

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