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Aluminum Cryo Cane for Sperm, Oocyte & Embryo Cryopreservation

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SKU: 2019-13-106
Sections per cane

Aluminum Cryo Cane for Sperm, Oocyte & Embryo Cryopreservation

Each premium quality aluminum cryo cane contains a flat top used as a writing/marking surface or colored cryo tag for accurate inventory identification purposes, coding, etc.  Overall dimensions: 11 1/2" x 1/2"o.d. 


  • Aluminum canes for storage of 1.0 to 5.0 mL cyrovials and most other vials of similar size in Dewar-type, liquid-nitrogen freezers
  • Suitable for 12mm or 13mm Goblets or Cryovials - (Check list below for sizing)
  • Securely holds vials in place end-to-end with via identification facing out
  • Stamped with Shurbend brand on the cane 


  • 2019-13-106 - 6-Place Cane - 12mm dia. aluminum cane, holds six 2ml or 2cc bottles.
  • 2019-13-105 - 5-Place Cane - 13mm dia. aluminum cane, holds 5 x 2ml or 2cc Vials (Has  5 shelves)
  • 2019-13-104 - 4-Place Cane - 13mm dia. aluminum cane, holds two 1/2" (13mm) dia. straw goblets

Embryology Notes

  • The 4-Place cane works best with 2 x 13mm Cryo Goblets -
  • The 5-Place cane works best with 5 x 2.0ml or 2cc Vials (Has 5 Shelves)
  • The 6-Place cane is 12mm in diameter and works best with 6 x 1.2ml Cryovial Ampules - Compare to Thermo Scientific 5015-002 - This Cane does not work well with 13mm Goblets as they are slightly to small and the Goblet is then mis-shaped in the Cane. 


Mfr. No. 2019-13-106 Aluminum Cryocane 12mm (100/bag). 6 sections per cane.
Mfr. No. 2019-13-105 Aluminum Cryocane 12mm (100/Bag) 5 sections per cane
Mfr. No. 2019-13-104 Aluminum Cryocane 13mm (100/bag). 4 sections per cane.
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