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AcroScreen - Photometric Enzyme Method for Detecting Acrosin Activity in Spermatozoa

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Photometric Enzyme Method for Detecting Acrosin Activity in Spermatozoa


  • 4-component kit
  • 1-step 90-minute incubation
  • colorimetric result
  • protease control included
  • 96 determinations per kit
  • 18-month shelf life


Acrosin is a sperm acrosomal protease that has an essential role in the fertilization process. Acrosin is released during the acrosome reaction.  It has been shown to be involved in the subsequent binding of spermatozoa to the egg's zona pellucida and/or the penetration of spermatozoa through the zona pellucida. Low levels of acrosin appear to be associated with subfertility and infertility. Studies have further shown that total acrosin activity positively correlates with in vitro fertilization rates and a low acrosin activity in an otherwise normal ejaculate is associated with an impaired hamster egg penetration.

The acrosin activity of human ejaculates varies independently of the standard semen parameters such as sperm concentration, percent motility, sperm motion characteristics, and morphology. Thus, the enzyme may be an additional marker for human semen quality.

Manufactured by Scopescreen, formerly BioScreen. 

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