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Active Vibration Isolation Table-QUOTE

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Active Vibration Isolation Laboratory Workstation Table for In-Vitro-Fertilization Applications

Accurion’s IVF Workstation has been specially designed for the use with in-vitro-fertilization so that biologists can ergonomically sit in front of their microscope.

The workstation consists of a lab table with integrated active vibration isolation system to actively compensate incoming vibrations. The application on top of the isolator is therefore protected from vibrations while the user’s arms can rest comfortably on the non-isolated surface without impacting the procedure.

The Active Vibration Isolation is more than an anti-vibration table and creates a very stable system for ICSI, embryo biopsy and all other oocyte / embryo micro-manipulations.


  • Isolation in all six degrees of freedom.
  • Vibration cancellation even in the low frequency range due to the lack of a natural low frequency resonance
  • Excellent position stability
  • Automatic load adjustment and transportation lock
  • AC power from an electrical outlet is sufficient; no compressed air supply is needed
  • Response time only 0.5 ms.

 In contrast to heavy granite tables its sleek design allows using your space to full capacity and also complements your existing furniture. In addition to that the active isolation system provides superior isolation performance and overcomes the disadvantages usually associated with passive systems. Aside from functionality and stability, Accurion paid particular attention to medical standards, e. g. proper surface coating. A mobile cabinet would be available as optional accessory. The Accurion IVF Workstation is a perfect match for various microscopic set-ups used for in-vitro-fertilization. It will enhance your set-up and enable the user to work with increased efficiency and reliability.

  • IVF Workstation includes anti-vibration isolation system.
  • Microscopes sold separately.
  • Includes 3 year warranty
  • Ships for free from manufacturer in Germany and includes coordination through US Customs
  • This item may be returned in original purchase condition and packaging within 15 days of delivery. The buyer is responsible for the return shipping charges.


Dimensions of isolated surface (L × W) 400 × 500 mm  15.7 × 19.7 inch
Overall dimensions (L × W × H) 1300 × 800 × 784 mm  51.2 × 31.5 × 30.9 inch
Load capacity on isolated surface  0 – 120 kg  0 – 265 lbs
Isolation technology

Halcyonics control technology based on piezoelectric type acceleration pickup, fast signal processing and electro-dynamic force transducers.

Force directions Active compensation in all six degrees of freedom.
Isolation performance > 5 Hz = 25 dB (94.4 %) > 10 Hz = 40 dB (99 %)
Active bandwidth 0.6 – 200 Hz* (passive isolation beyond 200 Hz)
Settling time 300 ms**
Response time 0.5 ms***
Stroke of the actuator 1 mm
Max. correction forces Vertical ± 8 N Horizontal ± 4 N
Max. compensation level 500 μm / sec. at 6 Hz and 60 kg / 132 lbs**
Repeatability of load adjustment 120 μm
Table top material on isolated surface Powder coated aluminum
Table top material non-isolated surface Medium density berboard with outer melamin resin surface
Top plate surface flatness ± 0.10 mm over complete surface
Environmental and operational requirements
Electrical voltage: 100 – 240 V / 47 – 63 Hz 
Power consumption: Typically 40 – 45 W
Operating temperature: 15 – 40 °C / 59 – 104 °F
Relative humidity: 0 – 60 %
Operating altitude:

< 2,500 m / 8,100 ft

Electrical safety CE certified according to directive 2006/95/EC
EMC CE certified according to directive 2004/108/EC

*The low-pass characteristics of the spring-mass combination dominate the dynamic behavior of the isolation system above 200 Hz. The part of the active isolation decreases with increasing frequency.

**The settling time and maximum compensation level depend on several conditions such as payload, frequency and load distribution. The mentioned settling time value is exemplary for a centric load of 80 kg. The settling time de nes the time until an incoming vibration is compensated.

***The response time determines when the system starts to actively isolate an incoming vibration after detection by the sensors.


AV-Table-Cabinet  Table & Cabinet
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