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4 Way Speculum

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4 Way Vaginal Speculum

How to Measure Speculum Lengths

A speculum’s size is measured by the bottom bill.
Length is from distal end of bottom bill to front part of the handle see attached pic.
And Width of the bottom bill only.


Mfr. No. 1916120 4 Way Vaginal Speculum. Medium; 3 1/4" x 7/8" (83mm x 22mm)
Mfr. No. 1916130 4 Way Vaginal Speculum. Large; 4" x 7/8" (102mm x 22mm)
Mfr. No. 1916131 4 Way Vaginal Speculum. X-Large; 5 1/4" x W 1" (133mm x 25mm)

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