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Thomas Medical Shapeable IUI Catheter 25/BX (TMI1297)

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Thomas Medical Shapeable IUI Catheter 25/BX (TMI1297)

Product Description

Shapeable Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Catheter is manufactured with superior memory, which enables the doctor to form the tip of the catheter to align with the cervical canal. The clear, Shapeable IUI Catheter allows for full visibility of the washed specimen as it is injected into the uterus. The clear shaft gives the Embryologist assurance there are no visible air bubbles in the catheter and the shaft is completely loaded with washed sperm. This reduces the possibility of uterine spasms and retroflow. 25/BX. Price per box.

  • Made with superior memory material to easily form the tip
  • Clear shaft reduces possibility of uterine spasms and retroflow by removing any visible air bubbles
  • The alignment of the side hole and flat side of the connector allows the catheter to point towards the left or right fallopian tube ostium for directional injection

  • French size: 5Fr
  • Length: 23cm

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